Indian Rock

The past two days  I went out exploring. Living in Berkeley without a car and very few friends, I make an effort to go wander and discover hidden gems at least once a week. This has become one of my ultimate favorite things to do.

Basically, I put on a good pair of shoes, sometimes bring my iPod, and grab my camera. Then, I walk. I get out of downtown (where I live) and simply wander. I typically go in the evenings, but I give myself at least three hours of sunlight because I WILL get lost at some point.

But getting lost is the best part. I’ve found some of the most beautiful random things on these walks – a secret rose garden, a deserted mansion, mind-numbing views of the entire San Francisco Bay, a field of flowers, a hidden river running through the city…


On Friday I discovered the best place yet. It’s no hidden gem, in fact, after doing some research, I realized it’s a rather known spot. But for me, it was an absurd and random place. I was giddy. After becoming quite lost, I was gleeful at my finding.

It had simply started as another unique street. Every house its own home. Every tree dancing to its own beat. I caught my breath though, when it ended, and before me stood a great huge boulder. Three times taller than all the houses it surrounded.

I approached it and grew even more thrilled as I saw people were sitting at the top. Despite wearing a dress and becoming more fatigued with every minute, I had to find a way up. I had to reach the top. Lucky for me, I discovered that jagged steps had been carved up the rock.

I walked. Step by step. And with the higher I got, the more incredible the view became.


I wish I had a better camera. A camera that could capture what my eyes saw. All of Berkeley. All of San Francisco. The buildings of Oakland. The Bay Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge. The entire Bay Area. It stopped me cold, it was so beautiful and so unexpected.

I sat. The air brisk, but slightly warm. The sun out, but not so strong that it burnt my skin. I sat and looked out all around me. If you ever come to the Bay Area, I highly suggest you spend an evening enjoying the sunset beyond the Golden Gate Bride from Indian Rock. There are a lot of nice sitting areas, so perhaps have a picnic, too!

I’m not ashamed to admit that, despite it being over an hour away on foot, I returned to the same spot yesterday. Nor am I going to deny that I’ll probably be back again sometime in the next few days. It’s just such a lovely, peaceful spot. So inspiring…

Speaking of which, I’ve been writing a great deal. Churning out words at a faster rate than normal. It’s all material for FALLING INTO YESTERDAY, which is quite exciting. FIY’s plot is much more tricky and woven then A FEAR OF TEARS, so it’s a fantastic feeling to have points finally come together.