some walking

How is it possible that it’s been twelve days since I last wrote? How did I already spend two weeks here in Orange County? I know I didn’t sleep through it, as I’m cursed with severe insomnia, but I can’t help but wonder where the time went…


It’s been hard. After living on my own in the rainy Bay Area, returning to my family’s house in the desert of southern California has not been an easy dance. There are many things I forgot about my childhood home – good and bad – and it’s been interesting rediscovering the emotions that my family brings out.

The number one thing that has helped me most with my move has been hiking. I live on the edge of Orange County, literally right next to an 8000 acre protected wilderness park and bird sanctuary. My family is blessed with access to a trail that runs through the preserved land – a trail that I believe eventually leads to Laguna Beach.

Anyway, I’ve become addicted to the hike. The land that surrounds me when I get deep into the hike is mesmerizing. Despite the rollings hills being dry as a desert, they are not at all lacking absolute beauty. I’m able to finally find peace on these walks.


I’m not the only one who enjoys the trail, my Belle baby was in absolute heaven the two different times I brought her along.

Anyway, now that I’ve fully nested into my new (and old) home, I can FINALLY get back to my full-time favorite pass time and job: writing! I’m working on a revision for FALLING INTO YESTERDAY and I’m ridiculously excited for the new content and plot twists I’ll be adding. I can’t wait to share the updated manuscript with a few of my readers