To Whom It May Concern:

It’s September. The month of school, Santa Ana winds, an abundance of coffee, and wildfires. Outside the air is gray, murky, and toxic. It’s not clouding sitting above my head but a thick layer of smoke. They say Southern California is paradise but is it really a trap? The vain and the rich get the pleasure of watching their world burn up every year. Oh, yes, it sounds like a fabulous life to me.

Life is kind of fast. It’s kind of absurd, too.

In a week I’ve concluded that:

  • I’m moving to Colorado Springs this January.

  • Yes, COLORADO SPRINGS! Finally.

  • Until then, I’ll be working at Comic Quest, the comic bookstore I slaved at when I was fifteen. I’m thrilled to be employed there again.

  • I WILL be published someday. I don’t care how long it takes, what it takes, or how many No’s I’ll have to read. It’s not something I’m ever going to back down on.

  • I don’t care what people say, revisions are extremely fun. I enjoy them almost as much as the actual writing process.


  • No. I still haven’t heard back from The Agent. I welcome any response: “Yes.” “No.” “You suck.” “I love Vincent!” “Learn to spell.” I just want an answer.

  • The idea of driving in the snow is absurdly terrifying. I hardly know how to drive in the rain!

  • Hi. I’m going to be living in Colorado soon.

I miss conversing through comments with my affiliates. Being a writer hermit in a cave has its perks, but it also has its fall backs. I miss my friend’s blogs! Can I not have it all? Sleep is such a waste of time. I should invest in drinking more than my usual 5 mugs of coffee a day. Coffee is so good for the soul. I think I’d parish without coffee.

Keep your thoughts on southern California (specifically LA right now), friends. Fire Season has just begun, the Santa Ana’s haven’t even started, and we have a long autumn ahead of us. I’m safe. I plan to hide under my dining room table with my laptop and write. The toxic smoke infused air can’t touch me here!

I mentioned I’m moving to Colorado, right?

Okay, back to AFOT and yummy Hayden Mason!