Is it too late to write an April blog? Hm. No? Good.

Honestly, these monthly updates have become rather silly and repetitive. I’m always scattering to summarize my present reality, which has become oddly fast paced. I’m not used to so much change, so not accustomed to this world I’ve created. But it’s working for me. I’m balanced on some level or another, and I’m content. That’s what counts, right?

Well. Colorado is still lovely. I found a new job and therefore had to quit my beloved barista gig. But the new job is ideal, involves an awesome group of people at a natural food store (hooray!). Plus I went from working ten hours a week to over forty. Money, money, money. It’s a fabulous feeling to pay my own rent, that’s all I have to say on the matter. My psychology course at the college is coming to an end soon. I enjoyed it, but I’m thrilled to finish. Anxious.

Why? Because it’s essential that I return to the world of writing. Now. While I love school and hope to pursue it further when life allows, writing is (as it always has been and will be) my priority. It’s my career of choice, a passion that’s impossible to smother, and the one thing that keeps my sanity in check.

This weekend my mom (who flew out from California to visit!) and I attended the Pikes Peak Writer’s Conference. It was beyond motivating, as well as productive. I suppose spring is a lucky time of year for me. I’m definitely intrigued to see what May and June will bring. Hopefully less snow than April! I love the cold, but I’m ready for some thawing time.

Last month was a photo with dad, this month a photo with my mom.