a move

And just like that everything came together. As usual, blessings rose out of havoc. When I last wrote here, my entire world was teetering towards the edge. I returned home to Colorado (I’d been visiting in California) to discover that a family of four had moved into my area of the condo I was residing in. My privacy was ripped, my sanity illusive. I’m introverted by nature, thrive off of alone time, so the intolerably close proximity with the clan of strangers was utterly consuming.

My options were limited. A month ago I’d concluded that I’ll be returning to California at the end of the summer. That’s another story in itself, but basically, I want to start focusing on school and I can’t afford the out of state tuition that Colorado offers. So, journey back to coast I am. It’s a tragedy really, but I’ll be fine. And I’m savoring the time I have left here. But when I realized I had to get out of my present housing situation FAST, my reality began to boil. Where could I find a two-month lease? For a dreadful day, I was positive I’d be leaving Colorado at the end of June rather than the close of August.

And then the universe shifted. I found a home. I found a home where my housemate is okay with my mere two-month stay. I found a home high up in the mountains at 8000 feet yet still only twenty minutes from work, where the rent is the same as my old place and I can still be financially free. I found a home with seclusion and privacy, a home surrounded by pines and cottonwoods and elms, a home where you must remember to put the bird feeders inside for the night unless you want a visit from the local bears. It’s so ideal, so lovely. It doesn’t feel real. It all happened so quickly – in a matter of two days I posted the ad on craigslist, received a reply, saw the house, got my key, and moved in.


Like it was meant to be, everything worked out. I’m so gleeful this happened — so grateful that family kicked me out of my old house, that I was forced to venture into the foggy unknown. I adore change. I adore thrusting myself into absurdly new situations and trust me, this is new. I’m inspired and alive, eager to write, wishing I had the time, but reveling in the spare moments (when I’m not at work) where I can breathe in the crisp air. How is it possible that just a twenty-minute incline can cause such a difference in environment? Chipita Park could be another universe in comparison to the mania of my beloved Colorado Springs, where I still venture down to every day for work.

And so there you go. That’s where I am. Just moved. Am now just living. Twirling through each day I have here, as my time in Colorado truly is fleeting. But that’s life, always churning, always altering in some way. That’s what makes it fun, right? All of this chaos. Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.