The Loss of May

What is up with me and spring and losing pockets of this website? I swear I have some massive deja vu right now. Didn’t this happen last year? (it did)

Long story short, when my host moved name servers a few weeks ago I didn’t get the memo and in result lost all updates and changes made here in the month of May. Kind of a bummer. But luckily my updates were minimal and few, so it’s all good. Serves me right for not backing the place up regularly.

Things haven’t been so fantastic lately. There’s been a lot of turmoil, a lot of potential change, a lot of not great things going down. I keep waiting for things to straighten out. I keep thinking that one of these days I’m going to wake up and for the first time in a long time have a seamless day. Maybe I should be grateful. I always say that my greatest fear is a stagnant world. And things were getting a bit dull, I suppose, so hooray. Gotta love exhausting change. And I believe that everything will work out eventually. I’m not giving up yet. There is a light ahead. There is always a light, no matter how dim… (ha)

And I also got a new tattoo!


It reads,“You are not in the world… the world is in you.”A statement which has resonated with me quite deeply this last year and I have to say, I’m beyond happy with the tattoo. The artist is my co worker’s mom who works independently (as opposed to in a shop) in Taos, New Mexico. She was in town randomly and it all just came together. The rest is in the ink.

I would share the potential forthcoming changes that I hinted at, but everything is so elusive — I think I’ll wait until I actually have an inkling of a clue as to where my life will be in the next few weeks. We shall see.