tilted tree (haha)

I like to think I am tilted tree.
Rooted and high, branches evolving with the course of time.
My knobby ankles poke white and weak out of virgin soil.
Too long of toes weaving how far below?
Only God or some badge boasting scientist can know.
Scars of ivy ripple up my curving thick torso,
tightening into a neck bound choke hold.
3 feet of arm stretch to the bruising sky.
3 feet of arm fall and point to the aforementioned treasure toes.
Cascading wisteria flings from my head —
suffocating mauve tendrils in which the guilty are destined.
If only, if only, if only a tree could spin.
What a treat the flight would be for those who have not sinned.
Crescent moon nails sprout with violet flora.
Come spring, come autumn:
Come dance beneath my drifting blossoms.
What more would you expect from a tree
which stands daily against the wind?


I don’t feel like revising my essays or writing an assessment portfolio cover letter. So, instead I’m writing dumb ass tree poetry inspired by an accidental photo of me my sister stole while we were hiking. She sent it to me this morning, writing: “Someone saw this and asked if it was a picture from Twilight. Hahahahaha.” Let’s not read too deep into that. Let’s also not question my faulty posture. I’m simply portraying a titled tree.

I need coffee. I’m withering away. Someone bring coffee to the College of the Redwoods library quiet study and dumb ass poetry writing area. You’ll know it’s me because I’m the girl in combat boots and a dress I didn’t realize was ripped until five minutes ago passed out beneath a cubicle desk in the back right corner. Which brings up a question. Is my ripped dress the reason a a boy hollered across campus to his buddies that I got the weekend special? I mean literally HOLLERED ACROSS CAMPUS while pointing at me as I walked past him. “Dog! DOG! This girl got the weekend special and she doesn’t even know it!” He was quite enthused and amused by his discovery of me and my weekend special.

If I don’t learn the meaning behind that phrase it’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Did I mention that I totally conquered my Algebra exam this morning?