Checking In

Today is the day…


In twenty minutes I’m “allowed” to check in to my campus apartment. I’m kind of excited, kind of nervous, not exactly sure what I am. And it’s not like I’m counting down or anything until 3 PM, or waiting in the library because I’m too sleepy to continue driving around and around and around the springs as I have been the last two days, or falling asleep in said library where I match the chairs and adore the interim gentle rhythm .


See. Match match match. Also, you can’t see that my laptop is LITERALLY the same vibrant purple as well. I think this is a sign of great beauty and connection, like I’m meant to be here, FOREVER, for GOOD. Not just as a “visiting undergraduate”. Don’t you agree, CC? Also, THIS is why I don’t wear short skirts. If I did, I’d be forced to sit like a lady which would drive me crazycrazy. What was my fifteen year old slutty punk dressing self thinking?


I also think it’s a sign of great bonding and connection and peace that after only two hours in Tutt Library I’ve already slept between its humming stacks. I’m a severe insomniac. Sleep doesn’t come easily. But here? Curled up in my bright purple chair with the gentle movements of the few other library-goers echoing like an afternoon spring lullaby, I dozed off quite simply. HSU’s library never gave me such bliss. So, CC, thank you.

I think we’re off to a superbly healthy relationship.