A Dorm-Styled Life

Open door-free tiny closet? Check.
Shitty broken in two ways can be a bunk-bed bed frame? Check.
Sketchy blue plastic thin mattress? Check.
White white white white white walls? Check.
Large open windows that look out (during the day) at the beauty of Colorado? CHECK!

I love it I love it I love it. I love my sterile open long halled apartment with its shower lacking of a curtain and the last tp roll down to its end. I love my flat mates who I so briefly met. I love the random two guys who appear to be crashing here for a week. I love the general sense of community, though isn’t it weird that I already feel that, when I so barely know these folks who now share my home? But I just love the energy. I love that I am here.

What took me so long? Why didn’t I pursue university sooner? I’m already all giddy and just from the campus housing — the one aspect of CC I was most dreading — I can only fathom my gratitude for my summer’s situation once the academic side (the part I’m most enthused for) gets thrown into the equation (TOMORROW).


How will ever I leave?