Late November

My undergraduate commencement is six months from yesterday.
Six months from yesterday, I walk.


I feel like I should knock on wood. Or something. Anything. All too surreal. All too wonderful. I might actually finally do this graduation thing.


I wrote the above words Wednesday afternoon. It’s now early Friday evening. Cultural Astronomy of the Southwest–Block 3–is a faded memory. It’s now sharp white snow and admission office data entry and the occasional interview conducting and a random late night fellow wandering and a certain movie 8 pm premiere that made me more sad than it should have and an afternoon on my living room floor bundled in my ski coat because I can’t seem to get warm.

Yet I still love winter.

I’ve made it clear I don’t know what I’m doing after graduation, but several of my options involve moving back to California–either for free rent while I take care of my body/rest or for instate tuition if grad school is somehow the pulled card.

But I don’t want to move back to California. I like weather-weather, winter weather, too much. Or maybe I’m just saying this because it’s our first two real snow days of the season.

Block 4 starts Monday.Thesis. Meetings. Work. Drafting. Rewrite (it’s happening again). Tutor. Interview. Thanksgiving and then Colorado and then back home again.

Think I’ll stare out the window until it’s nighttime.
I think I might have a fever.