Tuesday was a bit of a glorious shock.

I went from white white cold cold ever so slightly icy absolutely epic Colorado…


…to warm, bright California.


After weeks of office work and computer hunching and sharp chills and an empty townhouse silent aside from a humming space heater, the return to family and warmth and noise and absurdities was appreciated.


I don’t think my little brother (I’m somehow 5 years his elder?) was as amused by my arrival. Or maybe he’s too cool to properly show it with a traditional smile. That’s probably it.

Tomorrow I fly back to Denver for thirteen days of tutoring, interviewing, data entry, info session presenting, snow (???), work gatherings, ballet, and–most importantly–significant drafting(/rewriting). Thesis block doesn’t mean I can offer more hours at work. Thesis block means WORKING ON MY THESIS. Or so I’m trying to remind myself.

And then I’m back here, in California, a week earlier than the norm, for doctor appointments and holiday hibernation.

I have mixed feelings about the subject.

The forecast for Colorado Springs tomorrow is a high of 61 (today in Trabuco Canyon we experienced a crazy peak at 82), then Tuesday 41, and then Wednesday… a FOURTEEN DEGREE high.

Stupid excited to return to my mountains. I’m armed with amoxicillin (because naturally I developed an ear infection while on vacation) and a notebook.