Two Years

Hey, hey, hey. It’s been nearly two years since I last blogged. WHAT? ODDITY. Feeling stiff and sleepy after being in a cave for so long. Need to run, breathe some fresh air, stretch and lift my face to the blue sky.


Too obvious? Too cheesy? WHATEVER PEOPLE, I’m back.

Since August 8th 2011 I’ve:

Turned 20.
Transfered into my dream school: Colorado College.
Wrote for a newspaper. It was unique.
Watched my older sister get married. Embarrassed myself by reading a poem at the reception.
Studied Shakespeare in London for a month.
Wandered Scotland solo and swooned swooned swooned.
Rewrote the novel I penned when I was 13 from word 0.
Turned 21.
Worked as the copy editor at a literary magazine. It was swell.
Was paid to blog for my school. It was awkward.
Continued to practice ballet.
Declared myself as an English: Creative Writing major with a minor in Religion because it’s my education, it’s my debt, and the jealousy I felt towards other CW majors was a good indication that I needed to follow my gut. I’m not in college for a career but to learn and grow. And dude, have I grown.
Stopped moving every five months. I’ve stopped. I’ve stayed. I’m committed (until graduation). Big deal, I know.
Won my first writing contest. First place. I cried. The Adelaide Bender Reville Fiction Awards. You’ve probably never heard of it because it’s a Colorado College contest, but whatever, still a moment for little me.
Still have yet to stop revising. I love revising. Do you love revising?
Let a new novel begin brewing and it may have some Mormon threads/complications in it. Those who know me (and my childhood) have been waiting. It’s going to happen. Soon.
Been extraordinarily busy.
Have done/seen many other beautiful things that would be silly to put in a list.

I’ve missed blogging. I have. I started missing it back in 2011. But it’s like working out. Once you stop, it’s hard to start again. My initial reason for my hiatus was because I was applying to college and wasn’t sure how my online .com presence would look to admission reps. I’ve said some silly things–this has been a place of rambling since I was seventeen (!). But then I was accepted to CC, all was well, but writing for myself (fresh fiction, revision, journaling) was enough of a challenge. Time? What is time? And, frankly, blogging didn’t feel necessary–my attention was spread elsewhere. Last semester I had three jobs, plus ballet, plus an overload of course credits. Hey, at least I’ve kept tweeting, right?

Excuses, excuses. I know.


I’m now typing from Reno, fresh from the Ventana Sierra Advanced Writing Workshop where I was challenged, inspired, and gratified. It was cheaper to stay an extra two days rather than fly back to Colorado on a Sunday, so here I stay with plans to take full advantage of my hotel seclusion (18th floor, what up?) to revise revise revise and maybe start working on my independent study course on Shakespearean Tragedies. That would be smart. I would like to graduate.

But really, as it has been since 2008 (and since I could hold a pencil), my dearest task is to write. No matter the form or the audience, I wake to write.

Did you miss my dramatics?