Today it is the first day of August. And August is going to be a tad crazy.

I’m excited, so excited that I MUST MUST MUST make a list of the the days of significance, because I adore lists and I woke up too early and I don’t want to get ready for my second-to-last class meeting.

  • Tomorrow is the end of Block C, the end of this course,
    the end of Summer Session, the end of my 2012-13 school year. Finally.

  • Saturday I fly to California and things become wonky.

  • Next Thursday I drive to San Luis Obispo.

  • Next Friday I’m no longer 21. How?

  • Next Sunday I drive back to Orange County.

  • The following Thursday I fly to Oregon and from there will road trip up to British Columbia for something like a week.

  • On a Saturday, I depart Vancouver and return to California.

  • On a Sunday, I return to Colorado.

  • Monday and Tuesday is all day Admissions Fellow training.

  • On the last Saturday of August, I take the GRE. This Saturday is also my revision deadline and thus the day my manuscript will fly away. Yes. I’m insane. I’m revising my manuscript and supposedly studying for the GRE in the midst of whiplash traveling. What? What?

  • And then Monday it’s September 2.

  • And then Monday it’s the first day of the fall semester,
    the first day of my senior year.


August, what did I do to you?
August, I am so very enthused for you.
August, be kind.

Who am I kidding? August means black lab cuddle time. It’ll be beautiful by default.