Half Block.

I blinked. Half Block is over. No more TAing for me. No more Palmer High. No more freshman and junior and student council and journalism. No more 5:42 am alarms and frigid sunrise drives.


On January 5th–the day before the block started–I was 97% certain I would duck out of the gig. I was sick, exhausted, and not in the best headspace. Write. I only wanted to write. But for whatever reason, I didn’t drop the course and I pushed through the initial gunk and had kind of a delightful experience.

One of my placement teachers fell ill the second week (hopefully not because of being in close proximity to me). In the time of a five minute passing period, she realized she needed to go home, she had a high fever, it was short notice, too short of notice, so I was made the sub (with a licensed teacher in the back of the room for legal issues). After three days of observing, I stood in front of some thirty freshmen and I taught. I laughed. I reprimanded. I wound up teaching eight periods (freshmen and junior English) over the next two days. It was rather stellar.


And now, fifty hours of high school later, it’s over and I’m back to Heather normality. Thesis deadline is approaching, so I must write write write write (I’m at 70 fresh pages, but still only feel 10% done). And my final semester officially kicks off Monday. Back to the juggling dance of thesis, fellowship, ballet, tutoring, etc etc etc.

I graduate in four months. That’s extremely weird. And that’s extremely soon.
So I’m going to try to enjoy it. These four months. The stress. The grit.

Let’s see what happens.