Spring is my least favorite season unless it's followed by a particularly lethally hot summer. The week after Daylight Savings, mid-March, insomnia hits without fail. I always forget this trend but, the past two years, Facebook has reminded me. Day four of no sleep and TimeHop pings me with a post from that same day in 2007: "Sleep deprivation will kill me." This past March, with its lengthening days and breaks in the rain, had me aching for early February, for the season's last snow, for the dim mornings and afternoons.


Spring has never been kind to me but, then again, this spring has been all right. I think the rain helps. The news says this has been the coldest, wettest winter on record in Seattle and the cloud cover has pushed deep into April. It's a relief. It's a dream. Why am I so lucky that with every place I live it's hard to fathom that it's my home because of its beauty? That I live here. Here. I've been lucky with everywhere, this silly blog is a testament to that. I've been so spoiled.


I live in a place where five minutes on foot leads me to a forest. And in that forest are tree houses, and huts made of twigs and branches and logs so that I can crawl over rivers, and platforms in the highest trees. It took me three months to find these forest gem. Three months to see past the mossy evergreens and rain and hail and all the lush green.


I live three hours from Forks, WA. Fourteen-year-old me would be so amused. And, now, naturally, whenever I have visitors a trip up the peninsula is essential. Less for Forks and more for the Hoh Rainforest, for La Push, and Ruby Beach. I'm admittedly going through something of a fangirl resurgence--triggered surely from a personal event that I can't go into, triggered inevitably from my basically living on the border of the Olympic National Peninsula, triggered probably from meeting new friends who are loud and unashamed in their past fangirl ways. It's refreshing. And it feels good to embrace nostalgia, to laugh at the passion of younger me but also seriously acknowledge the impact that events and friendships in conjecture to Twilight had on me. I'd be a fool not to be grateful.


The best of news: I'm moving my dog up from California to live with me in June. A three-day drive with my baby. Living with my beloved. I'll believe it when she's here, or maybe when we're on the road, but oh my heart. It's been a hard few months in terms of health and pain levels, so I'm holding onto this truth with the tightest grip: my dog with me always.