Launch Week

It's been over a month since Nothing Left to Burn hit stores and I'm still unable to articulate my joy, shock, relief, and the general high surrounding it all.

Can I just say it was lovely and I'm honored by the support?
Can I just post a stream of pretty photos from that whirlwind launch week?
Can I just admit that I didn't know I talked THAT much with my hands until I saw post-even videos and photographs?
Can I just say thank you thank you thank you?

So here are some moments from the week, in no particular order -- the morning of release day at the beloved Browsers Bookshop here in Olympia (where I stopped en route to the airport to have my first in-store stock signing), my event at Vroman's with Farrah Penn, the fashion show at Willow Manor, my LA/OC Barnes & Noble visits, and my incredible launch party that was hosted by the fabulous Lido Village Books in Newport Beach, CA. Thank you to every family member, friend, bookseller who has made this experience such a journey. I was warned of post-launch depression but, really, I'm still riding this wave and incredibly thankful and hoping I get to do it all over again (hoping as in working!).